Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ONDC ?

ONDC is an open network of sellers and customers made to connect all the buyers and sellers and logistics in a single place. It is an initiative of the Indian government to give equal opportunities for small businesses to sell online.

2. What are the benefits of ONDC for small businesses ?

There are various benefits of ONDC for small businesses some of them are:
  • Visibility to millions of customers
  • No upfront charges to start selling
  • Less commissions
  • Visibility in more buyer apps
  • Access to leading logistic partners

  • 3. Why is ONDC created by the Indian government ?

    Indian government started the initiative of ONDC to equal opportunities for small businesses to sell online.

    4. How does ONDC works ?

    ONDC is an open eCommerce network where all the sellers who register on ONDC are visible to all the sellers.
  • Sellers register on the Seller app
  • The businesses that are registered with the seller app are visible on all the buyer apps
  • Customers can see the products from multiple buyers’ apps and places order.

  • 5. How to sell on ONDC ?

    Step 1:
    Submit your shop details.

    Step 2:
    Wait for your seller account to become active: Happistore seller app will verify your details, and once approved, your seller account will be active.

    Step 3:
    Upload your product catalog with images and descriptions: Showcase your products with high-quality images and detailed descriptions to create an appealing storefront.

    Step 4:
    Choose your preferred logistics and fulfillment partner: Select a logistics provider that aligns with your shipping needs for efficient order delivery.

    Step 5:
    Start receiving orders once your e-store goes live: Your e-store will be live on the ONDC network, and customers can start placing orders.

    Step 6:
    Manage Orders, track inventory, and receive payments using Happistore Seller App: Use the user-friendly seller app from Happistore to handle order processing, inventory tracking, and payment management.

    6. Do I need to pay upfront charges to sell on ONDC ?

    There is no upfront charges for onBoarding on HappiStores(Seller App) for the first 6 months.

    7. Do I need to pay commissions for every ONDC order ?

    You have to pay very small commissions for the seller app and the buyer app from each sale which is very minimal in comparison to marketplaces. Commission will be in the range of 10%-12% on every order.

    8. When will I get the payment for my orders ?

    Payment will typically be made within 7 -10 days after the delivery is completed to your bank account.

    9. Where will I see my orders ?

    You will receive order notifications on the dashboard of your seller application. You can choose to accept or reject the order based on stock availability and other considerations. You can also monitor live orders and track the delivery status of your orders.

    10. Who will train me to use the seller application ?

    HappiStores team will train and support you in learning how to manage and grow your business online.

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